Early Unbiased Feedback Resources

I hope you find these resources useful. All I ask is that if you do, please like or share my LinkedIn article or blog post so that more people can find them as well. If you use them, please leave a comment with your experience and feedback so that we can continue to improve the tools.

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Adoption Risk Planning Worksheet

You can use this Adoption Risk Planning Worksheet to help you think through your feedback plan. It walks through a list of Adoption Warning Indicators in your process and about your potential for user Value and Effort bias. The higher the number that match your project, the more rigorous your feedback plan should be. You then create a feedback plan by answering questions related to the four steps outlined above.

Adoption Testing Template

This is a sample feedback template you can use to perform one-on-one guerrilla interviews with members of your target audience. It helps you walk them through a scenario, and then survey them on their perception of effort vs. value.